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Servicing and repairs

We’re responsible for all the equipment used to produce and distribute heat to your home, up to and including your HIU, heat meter and in-home display (if you have one). Whilst we aren't responsible for your in home heating and hot water equipment, we've put together a handy guide to help you understand how everything works. To take a look at the guide please access our library.

All costs for planned maintenance and servicing are included in your standing charge. If you’re renting your home this part of your standing charge will be paid for by your landlord. We’ll get in touch at least once every 24 months to make an appointment to visit your home to inspect and service your HIU and heat meter.

So you can be sure it’s us, our engineers will always carry photo ID when visiting your home.

What temperature will heat be supplied to your home?

Our energy centres react to outdoor temperatures. The hot water the energy centre pumps to your home's HIU will vary in temperature between 57℃ in the summer and 73.5℃ in the winter. By varying the temperature we can maximise the efficiency of the heat network, whilst at the same time making sure sufficient heat is provided to meet the design temperatures for your homes heating system.

You can find out more about the design temperatures in our 'In Home Heating System Guide' in the library section of the website.

Problems with your heating?

Problems with your hot water?

Reporting problems with your heating and hot water

If you experience any problems with your heating and/or hot water, and having gone through the above steps you're still unsure what to do, please call our Customer Care Team who will be able to try and diagnose the problem remotely.

If we need to get an engineer out to you we will do so as quickly as we can and always within the timeframes set out in our Guarenteed Service Standards. We have different response times depending on the problem you're experiencing. You can find details of our response times in our Guaranteed Service Standards.

Non urgent issues - Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
0330 324 0018 (local rates apply)

Emergencies – 24/7
0330 324 0018 (local rates apply)

Dealing with emergencies

We’re here to deal with emergencies 24/7. If you have an emergency call us anytime and we’ll have an engineer to site within 4 hours to begin fixing the problem.
We class an emergency as:

  • Serious water losses or leaks from the heat network causing damage to your home or communal areas and/or posing a health and safety risk, or
  • Breakdowns of plant or equipment forming part of the heat network causing total loss of heat supply to multiple homes.

Fixing problems on our first visit

We’ll always attempt to fix any problems on our first visit, however there may be times when this isn’t possible. If we aren’t able to fix the problem straight away, we’ll provide you with a timeframe for doing so and will communicate regularly with you on our progress. If needed, we can provide you with temporary heating until the problem’s fixed.

If you make an appointment and can’t keep it, you must let us know by midday the day before to avoid being charged a missed appointment fee.

You should never let anyone other than us touch your HIU, heat meter or in-home display. If you have a problem, let us know straight away so we can fix it.

If your HIU, heat meter or in-home display need fixing or replacing outside of warranty and this isn't included in your heat tariff, you'll be charged for this separately. You'll be told in advance how much it'll cost and will need to pay this to your Management Company through your service charge.

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