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The heat is on

Need a little extra help?

At Watkins Energy we put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

We appreciate that our customers are all different and recognise that from time to time some customers may need a little extra help, which may be temporary or permanent. If you have any special requirements, or need any extra support, it's helpful if you let us know. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may qualify for our Priority Services Register. Being on our Priority Services Register means we can tailor your experience and the way we interact with you, by offering a selection of additional support services completely free of charge. We do this so we can continue to provide you with excellent service, taking account of your individual situation.

Additional support for heat customers in vulnerable situations

As a responsible heat supplier, we're particularly concerned about customers who are vulnerable to the cold. This can include a wide range of people.
You should apply for our Priority Services Register if you:

  • Are of pensionable age (65+)
  • Are disabled or chronically sick
  • Have a long-term medical condition
  • Are blind or hard of hearing
  • Have a mental health condition
  • Have children under 5 years old
  • Are in a vulnerable situation, for example you may recently have suffered a bereavement, lost your job, or may be recovering at home following hospital treatment
  • Are on a low income

Our Priority Services
We offer the following priority services free of charge to customers who qualify for our Priority Services Register:

  • Accessible information
    We can make information, including notifications about planned interruptions and account and bill information, available in accessible formats, for example printed copy for customers with no internet access, large print for partially sighted customers or in alternative languages.
  • Priority support during interruptions to your heat supply
    For customers who are particularly vulnerable to the cold and registered with us on our Priority Services Register as a heat customer in a vulnerable situation, we will make sure that you aren't without heating for longer than 12 hours during planned or unplanned interruptions by providing you with temporary heating.
  • Password protection and identification scheme
    Our engineers will always carry photo ID when visiting your home. We can also agree a password with you, to help you identify anyone visiting your home and protect you from fraudulent callers.
  • Knock and wait service
    If you know that it takes you a while to get to the door then just let us know and we can make sure that our engineers know in advance of visiting, giving you more time to answer the door.
  • Nominee scheme
    We're happy to arrange for communications to be sent to a friend, family member or carer, who can act on your behalf to manage your account.

Think you qualify for our Priority Services Register?
If you're unsure if you qualify, we want you to feel comfortable contacting us so that we can discuss your individual circumstances with you.
To register either fill out the registration form included in your welcome pack or complete our online registration form below. Or if you want to talk to someone call us on:

0330 324 0018 (local rates apply)
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.

Our Customer Care Team will always be sensitive and understanding and will treat all information provided as confidential.

Protecting your data and privacy
We understand that your privacy is important and will always make sure the highest levels of security are applied to keep your information safe.
We'll need your consent to keep and share your data with our engineers and trusted partners where it affects the services we provide you. Any sharing of data will be done in accordance with our Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

Priority Services Register Registration Form


Vulnerable circumstances and/ or additional needs
Check the boxes if any of the following apply to you or anyone living in your home.

Visually impaired Hearing impaired Speech difficulties Physical impairment
Chronic illness Mental health issues Learning difficulties Dementia
Pensionable age (65+)Low income Unable to answer the door/ restricted movement
Temporary - Living with children under 5
Temporary - Life changes
Temporary - Post hospital recovery

Our password scheme;
Anyone we send to your door, such as our engineers, will always carry an ID card which they'll show you to confirm who they are. If you'd like extra security, please choose a personal password and write it below in block capital letters. Whenever we send anyone to your home they'll be able to tell you the password to protect you from fraudulent callers.

Nominee scheme; If you’d like to nominate someone to act on your behalf, please provide their details below. We’ll need a signature from you both to confirm:
- that you give consent for us to discuss your account with them, and
- that they’re happy to act on your behalf.

So we can obtain a signature from you both , once you’ve completed and submitted this online form, we’ll send you a copy of our priority services registration form in the post, which we’ll have already filled out using all the details that you have provide to us here. All you need to do is check that the details are correct and then sign and return the form to us by post or as scanned an email attachment to help@watkinsenergy.co.uk. Once we’ve received the signed form we’ll update our records and make sure we use your nominated representative as our main point of contact.

To make it easier for you, if you are able to provide an electronic signature you can fill out our PDF editable version of our Priority Services Registration Form, which you can download by clicking here, and simply email it back to us.

By checking this box I confirm that I have read and agree to the Watkins Energy privacy policy