Putting our customers first

The heat is on

Amazing service, it's in our DNA


We will;

  • deliver heat to your home reliably, so your heating and hot water is always available when you need it
  • give you at least 48 hours notice if we need to shut down the heating system to carry out any planned maintenance and let you know how long the shutdown will last
  • be friendly, helpful and make it easy for you to get in touch so we can provide help when you need it
  • do what we say, giving clear timescales and making sure we stick to them. If anything changes, we’ll let you know
  • act fast and aim to fix any problems as quick as we can
  • investigate any complaints thoroughly, admit when we’re wrong, apologise and work with you to put things right
  • price our service fairly and make sure that we bill you accurately, resolving any discrepancies quickly should they arise

Non Judgmental

We will:

  • treat all customers equally
  • always be polite and respectful
  • be understanding of the diverse needs of our customers
  • provide additional support for customers in vulnerable situations
  • try to place ourselves in your shoes, making sure we truly hear and understand what you're saying, allowing you to speak freely and comfortably without feeling that you're being judged
  • treat all personal information provided confidentially and in accordance with relevant data protection and privacy legislation
  • give you a point of contact who understands your needs


We will:

  • measure ourselves on how well we meet our commitments and continue to look for ways to improve our services
  • learn from what we do well and use this to help continue to improve the service we provide
  • learn from our mistakes and make sure we don't repeat them
  • continue to look at ways to innovate and reduce our impact on the environment
  • continue to support the work of the Government and trade bodies to develop regulation for heat networks to help protect consumers