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Watkins Energy is your heat supplier. This means we manage and maintain the heat network that your home is connected to and bill you for your heat charges. We're the only supplier for your heat network, so you won't be able to change supplier like you can with traditional gas or electricity supplies. This should have been clearly explained to you before buying or renting your home.

Unlike gas and electricity which are regulated by Ofgem, the supply of heat to customers from heat networks is currently unregulated. To help build your confidence and trust and make sure you're happy with us, we commit to providing you with the highest possible standard of service. Our promise to you is set out in our Customer Services Charter, which is backed by our Guaranteed Service Standards. We've put these in place so you’ll always know what to expect from us and can hold us to account if we let you down. You can find out more by clicking on the links.

To give you the peace of mind you deserve, we're committed (as a minimum) to delivering our services to meet the standards expected by the Heat Trust - a voluntary consumer protection standard setting minimum expectations for service and customer care. You can find information on the Heat Trust and sites we have registered here. Every heat network registered with the Heat Trust is monitored and independently audited, so when we've successfully registered your heat network, you can always be sure that we're following the rules.

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Putting our customers first

We always put our customers first and pride ourselves on delivering reliable and efficient services and the highest standard of customer care.

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Understanding heat networks

A heat network produces heat in a local energy centre. This heat is then distributed to local homes and businesses, supplying heating and hot water to customers whenever it's needed.


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Proud to now be a Registered Participant of Heat Trust

12th May 2020

We're extremely pleased to announce that Watkins Energy is now a Registered Participant of the Heat Trust!

In the last month we have successfully registered our first two heat networks - The Lane, Tottenham and Synergy, Charlton. Both sites have been developed by Fairview New Homes and when fully constructed The Lane will provide 144 new homes and commercial premises and Synergy 330 new homes and commercial premises.

Committed to putting our customers first, this is an important milestone for Watkins Energy and great news for customers living on both developments who can be confident that they will be treated fairly and will receive the high-quality customer service that they deserve.

You can find out more about the Heat Trust and our registered sites here.

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